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The Golden Standard (2019)
A performative walk with Pia Rönicke/ walking Distance
For an exhibition by Mossutstallningar

We were Invited  to relate to Hjorthagen the newly built addition to Stockholm, and made a meteorological Sci Fi, that was performed by us and the participants. We questioned the assumption that the burning of biomass is sustainable and consider the sounds of and ways of building in the future.

Golden Standard
Below are quotes from the piece:

"The philosophy is basically that materials cannot be owned, but are merely something we have on loan from nature. In a moment we will reach the edge of the disassembly zone. There we will see the carefully dismantling of houses, and sorting of building materials. Everything will be taken apart and moved to higher ground to be used again."

Golden Standard

"The frequency of flooding in these lands have become to high for human occupation. And we, as many others, will have to evacuate to the hills. For everyone there is a blanket to keep you warm and protected in the process. This is a transitory skin, a second architecture, that reflects heat back on your body, and ironically reflects the image of the architecture being disassembled around you in a golden glow. We are in transition. Only a µ thin skin to protect us from the all to frequent bursts of rain, it also reflects the unfiltered sun rays, and deflects the sudden colds."

Golden Standard

"You will see rabbits everywhere grazing behind the fence. Shortage of foods made rabbits the most popular home breeding animal. They are all runaway animals (probably let free by kids who were to fund of the animals to eat them for dinner)"

Golden Standard
"Listen: It is no longer electricity you hear, but the humming from the Ocean. The Ocean comes to us as a warning, but also as a reminder, to live in accordance with the elements."